Virtual Snow

Virtual Snow - Learn to Ski or Snowboard year-round with our Snow Sports indoor training system using simulators. Locations in Los Angeles, Santa Monica and Mountain High, California and Salt Lake City, Utah.

Virtual Snow Founder. Bob Salerno

Virtual Snow Founder.
Bob Salerno

Train With A World Champion

Train with BOB SALERNO - Two Time World Champion Freestyle Skier, founder, and head trainer at Virtual Snow.

What is Virtual Snow?

Virtual Snow provides year-round Ski and Snowboard instruction and  training on state of the art simulators in a controlled indoor environment.        

On a moving carpet, learn skills and lot's of sports specific ski or snowboard muscle memory.  

 Our trainers are experienced in working with people of all ages and experience levels

We Love Parties

Our facilities are the perfect place to host your next birthday party, family gathering or office outing.

Virtual Snow also offers a Summer Day Camp for children and Specialty Training Clinics for adults. 

We carry a small selection of brand specific high-end skis and boards.

Go for a ride with Bob at Snowbird Utah